Marble is a Little Fragile

Published: 16th October 2009
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Chemically marble is a little fragile. Its main ingredient is calcium which readily reacts with any kind of acid; resulting into some pitting and scarring. Therefore, while cleaning and maintaining marble tiles it is essential that only lukewarm water and soft cloth be used with an occasional wiping down with a non-abrasive mild detergent. Marble must be carefully wiped dry after it has been cleaned.

It is very easy to clean marble tiles. You can apply a light coat of wax to get maximum shield, although there will be no additional luster as there would be on wood. No natural or man made element can be compared with the luxurious design and stature of marble. It is a stone that is not quite as hard as granite. However, marble lasts forever. Being porous and sensitive to acidic substances like juice, wine and coffee, it easily gets stained and etched. The polish finish on it gets dull very easily. Besides the kitchen, marble tiles are good for powder baths, tabletops, tub surrounds, a marble shower, floor tiles, stone fireplace settings and stairways.

When you walk on the marble tiles, sand, dirt and other debris left on the bottom of the shoes tends to become an abrasive. It can cause significant damage to its luster; scratching it severely. Restoring the luster of any faded marble tiles, especially on residential home floors, can be effectively accomplished and brought back to life again. Tin dioxide and various other cleaning agents are available in the market. You can recreate the lost shine of the marble by either polishing it by hand, or applying the polish combined with an electric floor polisher.

With a little care can keep your marble floors in good condition. They only need to have some gentle cleaning with conventional cleaning products.

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